To admit you’re wrong

Picture Credit: iStock

Is hard.

I did something that was about to cost me another wrecked friendship.

I saw it coming. I was stiff on the friend. I could have been more friendly. But I wasn’t.

I’ve been contemplating a way to invite the friend for coffee/lunch to talk things out. But I’ve been struggling.

Is it about the ego?

I wish I could say, “ I don’t give a fuck about my ego.” But I do a little bit.

And yet, someone has to initiate the talk to rekindle a fading friendship.

Why always me?

Is another question I often ask. When in such dilemma, I always do the “Years Later” test — Would I regret not salvaging the friendship that could have survived? If the answer is — Yes, hell yes, I would regret. Then I know what to do.

People are complicated. Sometimes they take your gesture the wrong way. But at least you can try and then judge for yourself. If the friend doesn’t appreciate or respond in the same manner, maybe he is not a friend after all. Your move can be a friendship-worthiness test on the friend too.

For a clear conscience, I will do the deed for my own sake.

Mark my word.

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