My Pet Peeves

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Two things you should know about me:

  • I hate bullshitting.
  • I hate wasting time.
  • I hate bullshitters wasting my time.

Okay, that’s three things.

This quarter I enrolled in four classes — 20 Units in total. Two of them are writing classes. I have to sit through from 10am to 4 pm with two divas who never shut up paraphrasing what have already been said for the most of the time while the instructors don’t try to duct-tape their mouths.

I try to be Zen. But it is hard when I hear the tick-tock pounding in my head as they drone on. Things got worse at the second class. One of them is quite opinionated about everything. When I read her work, she at least earns my respect from her writing. The other diva however, is the one I have issues with.

I’ve heard a lot of things about this person taking so many classes while still getting things done and keeping her sanity. But when I read her stuff today, I was appalled by how sloppy it was. She came up with two versions and asked us which one we preferred. *I didn’t know the presidential election coming so soon. The instructor ended up letting her read both. Imagine my agony hearing through the two shoddy stories.

Like her beige protagonist, I don’t feel anything about the story. I appreciate a good Rom-Com. But give us stuff that pushes the story forward; give us stuff that makes us care about and root for the protagonist, rather than having her sitting on her ass bitch and moan. Pity on the screen is cheap. Shouldn’t she know that by now after taking SO many classes? That she still uses words like “think” and “want” on her pages makes me question if she is really learning. If this is the first screenwriting class, that’s fine. But we are at the half of our two-year program, shouldn’t she know better by now?

When the girl comments on other people’s work, I see her stance. But as for her own story, it is in such a mist that one can’t even find the door to save the protagonist. Then I asked a legit question. “Oh, you will see later when I begin to write,” she replied with uber-confidence.

I feel all the more necessary to turn in CLEAN pages rather than exceeding the cap. But two versions for both the beat sheet and the character list? And vote? Not to my surprise, we had to rush through the second half of the session while still leaving two people’s work unread.

To lend perspective, a friend said he sees the multi-tasking girl as a future show-runner. I beg to differ. Her quality sounds to me more like a sassy assistant.

Thanks to years of working in the business sector, I know a bullshit when I hear one.

If you want to run shows, shut your mouth and show me your moves.

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