Today is a brand new day

I woke up this morning feeling my head was going to explode, and there was a lump in my throat. It’d better be an elephant standing on my chest having a party.

I immediately didn’t want to go to the office. What’s the point? I’m not on their payroll anymore because of my visa. I’m just a ghost. Then I reasoned with myself that my apartment would be too hot by early morning, there was construction downstairs, and I didn’t have money for AC. Look, the office is cool and has fancy food and clean bottled spring water. I dragged myself up and realized that I didn’t shower yesterday.

30 mins from waking up and I was already tired. I wonder if my parents weren’t supporting me, if my friends weren’t helping me, if my boss weren’t keeping me in the office, I might as well be another homeless person on Westwood Blvd in the City of Angels.

I need to keep going. Because I have to. Today turns out to be a day that I have to pull off by grind and grit. They’re short of stock right now. But not out of stock, yet.


Yours truly,

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