I had yet another insomnia last night.

Yes, I did take a bubble bath.
Yes, I did meditate.
Yes, I did exercise.
No, I didn’t drink coffee past noon.
No, I didn’t watch Netflix – I don’t have extra bucks for subscription. I don’t own a TV.

I suddenly grew nostalgic.

  • My grandfather, my only surviving grandparent, is 90 years old. I didn’t like him when I was a kid. But he’s my granddad. And we are the only two Dragons (Chinese Zodiac) in the family.
  • My nieces and nephews whom I haven’t seen since for three years. They may not know that I exist.
  • And my cat! Michael (named after M. Jordan, M. Jackson and M. Chang) who’s now four and a half. I miss holding him, smooching him, feeling the vibrations when he purrs. I miss seeing him dashing around the apartment chasing after a ping-pong ball. Whenever my mum took out the Dyson vacuum we bought to deal with his hair, he would stare at the machine, sizing it up. If you poke his back right there, he would bounce up in horror. That jump would be the ticket to play in NBA. Or even his nagging meows trying to wake the family up at five in the morning because he’s hangry.

When my mum and I took this little stray kitten home from our neighborhood four years ago, who would have thought he would keep my parents company when I left for the US? And who would have known he was one of the main reasons of my insomnia last night?

Seriously, I miss you all.
Do you hear?

Michael peeping out of the bookshelf

Yours truly,

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