The C word

Content. It gets on my nerves when I see it abused, as I did the other day when I saw someone posted “Content Creation” at an online course I’ve been doing.

I would go so far to avoid “I’m content,” but choose “I’m fulfilled.”

I ask myself, what do people mean when they say “content?” I googled. This is the closet definition:

Information made available by a website or other electronic medium.

So it means information? If so, why do we use content? Just because everybody uses it? Just because the marketing gurus trademark it?

Truth is, I used to work in marketing. I’m not exempted. In my former line of work, I used “Content Marketing” and “Content Creation” on a daily basis.

Now I ask:

What’re the differences between “Content Marketing” and “Marketing?”
What’re the differences between “Content Creation” and “Creation?”

Does adding the C word before marketing and creation make them more specific?
On the contrary.

What I’m creating here is a blog. It’s content by default. According to the trend, I should call myself a content creator. But why do I still prefer using writer, podcaster, filmmaker, or artist in general? Because those words carry weight, meaning, emotion.

What about content? It’s arbitrary at best. In my view, it’s also—

And bullshit popularized by the CXOs, the bureaucratese who ask their subordinates to “generate content” for their content-loaded keynotes about content creation when they don’t even create the content, and to some extent, understand the content they are presenting. Because they’re on auto-pilot when they refer to content.

What would I say instead?

  • General: Things. Stuff.
  • Specific: Art. Design. Article. Essay. Blog. Screenplay…

Excuse my rant.


Your truly,

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