Going home

As the idea lay its foundation, it starts to grow and takes root.

I started to picture my life back in China.

I started to notice the nuances of this American life.

I began to question my stability and growth in LA.

I began to pay attention to opportunities back home.

Friend called me again in the evening checking up on my status since my gloom.

“You assume you won’t attract men back home. Because you’re too independent and strong for most to handle. But you’re also a lovely, gorgeous woman who is wiser because of this sojourn. You’re exotic because of it. I think you’ll be fine.”

“I’ll be missing you terribly.”

“There are things called FaceTime and airplane.” My wiser older friend replied.

No choice is a bad choice in the end. It’s just what feels right at the moment. Because we’ll never have the 20/20 hindsight before we launch anything. Before the jump, there is: The surprise. The fear. The excitement. The unknown. 

But who knows?

Once I’ve made up my mind, the rest is just logistics.


Yours truly,

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