Birds of a feather

Flock together.

Two days in a row I’m writing about birds.

Yesterday it was about Phoenix’s reincarnation. Today it’s about friends of the same feather.

I got up this morning at 4 am. I had a scheduled interview with a most vibrant free spirit from Poland. She, along with her podcast partner, and I met on The Podcast Fellowship hosted by Seth Godin and Alex DiPalma.

Unlike most beige feedback you get from anywhere and everywhere, this team (Poland + South Africa) doesn’t cuddle you with “this is awesome” type of short replies. And neither do I. As our interaction went deeper, so did our friendship. When I proposed interview swaps on the platform, the team reached out immediately despite their crazy schedules. Kudos!

Today, at my dawn, her noon, there she was, ready to open up on my podcast called Rock Bottom with YZ.  Two hours went by in a blink. Without full disclosure, her interview went beyond the jobs, the achievements, the titles, the adventures… and dived into the fear, the unrest, the vulnerability, the psyche.

I said, “I see you.”
It was as if we got cast in Wachowskis’ Sense8, which was uncanny and divine.

As I write this piece and recall the chat that would fuel my day, Nelly Furtado‘s I’m Like a Bird comes to mind. But with a little twist:

I’ll only fly away
I know where my soul is
I know where my home is


Yours truly,

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