Not my stuff back to China, I wish.

But today’s schedule.

  • I have a podcast interview with a new friend from the Podcast Fellowship at 10:45;
  • A lunch meeting at 12:30 about a potential short film collaboration;
  • Then a dinner meeting at 7.

So that’s what it can look like when people are “between assignments,” they can schedule their day on their own terms.

But why doesn’t everyone do it?

  • Money? That’s fear.
  • Ego? That’s fear.
  • Rejection? That’s fear.
  • Failure? That’s fear.
  • Risk? That’s fear.
  • Busyness? That’s still fear.
  • Boredom? That’s fear through and through.


I will come up with a list of people whom I know back in China and elsewhere that are established entrepreneurs and see how they’ve done it.

As for a potential job in China’s film and entertainment industry, I haven’t ruled that one out yet. If I just want to be an entrepreneur for the sake of it, that would be the wrong reason to start.

These possibilities are scary, but also exhilarating.

The bottom line is: Can I learn? Can I grow? Can I evolve? Can I change things?


Yours truly,

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