Thank you, truly

Two hours ago, we had our last Zoom meeting for the Podcast Fellowship.

Seth, yes, the Seth Godin, spoke straight back to those who wanted to share.

When Seth called my name, I was starstruck. I went off script and said that this has been a difficult period for me, from being let go last Friday to being given a short notice from my landlord yesterday…

And etc.

I might have called it quits already were it not for the love and the rock solid support from this loving community.

Then Seth looked into my eyes and said, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

I then noticed the notes sent to me via the Zoom platform:

“We are right here with you, YZ!”

“You’re the best, YZ!”

The second the meeting ended, I lost it.

Tears trickled down from my face and splashed me in sheer surprise. I thought I was just updating my yet another mishap which I could care less. But they cared so much and showed me their love.


And to everyone who has been checking in on this blog:

Thank you for making my summer free of boredom and seclusion.


If you’re curious, here is my testimonial to the one and only Podcast Fellowship.

As Seth and Alex always say at the end of each session:
Go make a ruckus!


Yours truly,

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