How’s your novel going

I hear you ask.

Truth is, I put my novel on hold since mid-Aug.

I couldn’t work through the pain.

I couldn’t squeeze more willpower out of my fried brain.

I kid myself that my plate was full with the podcasting.

Half month later now, I know I need to begin again.

But of course, I find it hard to reboot.

The greatest resistance is always the beginning. From 0 to 1.

I signed up for this FREE online course called Start Writing Fiction a while ago.

The course started yesterday.

I think it would be quite beneficial for me to go through the motion, get the rough draft done first.

It may help you, too.


Yours truly,

PS. Listen to the latest RBYZ podcast if you haven’t already. The guest is truly one of a kind! Episode show notes here.

PPS. I’ll start posting the word count I’ve completed per day here till I finish.

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