My friend came over later yesterday evening with more packing boxes.

“How are you feeling?”

“Stressed out.”

“You do know that much of that stress is self-induced, right?”

“I’m listening.”

“Instead of packing, you’re podcasting.” He gestured my recording equipment on the coffee table.

“I need to record the intro and fix some little details before it hits iTunes by midnight.”

My friend took a stroll of my studio apartment.

“You have a lot of stuff. I would suggest to you that you start packing first thing in the morning tomorrow. Or you may have a harder time to explain to your landlord why you can’t move out by Saturday.”

And yet, I’m writing this post.

And yet, I’m heading to the gym in roughly 10 mins…

But I’ll get started when I’m back.


Yours truly,

PS. The latest #RBYZ episode is an interview about me, stutterer-turned-storyteller. I talk about writing, podcasting, my own Rock Bottoms, and my latest situation. Show notes later.