The Angel

What does an Angel sound like?

“I just got the van. Now I have a lunch meeting downtown. But I will be at your place by 3. Fill out those forms. I know they’re ridiculous. ”

“All set? I’m heading your way sooner than I thought. I think I will be at your place by 2:30.”

“You take those smaller boxes. I’ll tackle the larger ones.”

“You get into the van and sort the boxes in place. Leave some room for more.”

“Shit. No trolley. Hmm. Here, you talk to the postman. I will get the stuff inside.”

“Okay! Fifteen boxes in total here. All set yes?”

“I can’t do dinner tonight. I gotta return the van now. Gotta beat the traffic and get it back by 6.”

“That’s what friends do. A ‘thank you’ is enough.”

“Look, I’ve spent most of my week this week with you wrapping and packing. I need to go back and work on my own stuff before my trip to New York next Tuesday.”

60 hours. Fifteen boxes. 425 lbs.

He rented the van. Never asked me to expense it.

Just like so many other deeds he has aided me.

I wanted to take him to dinner

The least I can do.

But he backed out the van and left.

And yet, the first thing I said to my parents tonight was:

I’m so tired.

I am.

Imagine what I could have done without the Angel.

I think I might be in hell by now, slaving away those boxes…


Yours truly,