Time v. Glam

For most of yesterday, I was shooting photos for eBay and Craigslist for items ranging from shoes to tennis racquet, from floor pillows to suitcase.

Deep down, I wish I didn’t buy them. Like some part of your life you wish you hadn’t lived, purge the items unwanted so you can keep a picture-perfect life.

My friend, the woman of the house, is the ultimate eBay ninja. Or “the Gypsy woman,” according to her husband.

She asked me to scrape the shoe soles. An hour later, she bleached them. Another half hour later, she took them out and scraped them again. Once they were dry, she did a coat of white paint at the bottom so it can pass as brand new, which it does.

“We’d better after spending these hours on the shoes.” She concluded.

I wanted to spend my time wisely.  But I also want to sell these stuff fast and cheap, so I won’t clutter my friends’ place too long, too much.

One interesting thing about the wife is that, she buys everything dirt cheap. If not, she would buy them again and return the more expensive ones.

Her husband doesn’t understand it, “What about your time, honey?”

Yeah, what about her time?

Before you know it, their bedroom is piled up with stuff she wants to purge. Because ultimately, she buys much faster than she can ever sell out.

She would argue, “I not only break even, I earn good dollars from eBay because of my taste. Some stuff become vintage.”

Indeed, she got me a pair of Ash Bowie Wedge Sneakers on eBay for $45 bucks including shipping. I was happy at the time, but soon I realized that I just didn’t like to tiptoe when I’m in sneakers. I want to be able to scoot and dodge. And they are too heavy for my ride.

“Are you selling those too?” She asked.

“Yes. I can’t stand {in} them.”

When she left for her own shopping returns, I turned to the husband, “I’ve decided to be a man in my next life with shaved head and turtleneck. Period.”

But today, I’m just paying my dues.


Yours truly,