Overnight success

27 days later, I’ll be blogging from Shanghai.

48 days later, Barbara, my podcast guest this week, will land in Sydney.

Everyone moves, at some point.


I’m somewhat forced to move back. In Barbara’s case, she decides on her terms. I admire her courage and her freedom to be a world citizen, who was born in Hong Kong, studied in Canada, worked in Shanghai with her home base in Australia. She said she is blessed. Without a worry, someone introduced her first client after she got her license…


I was rather down yesterday. I had coffee with my mentor.

Whatever you touch, you do wonders.

But I’m fuckin’ broke. I’m not monetizing on my experience.

I had nothing when I was your age. You’ll be fine.


I want to be fine right here! Right now! Right away…

But I also know it’s not gonna happen in a blink of an eye. Overnight success is never overnight after all…

Drip by drip will be my tattoo if I’m ever gonna get one.


Yours truly,

PS. The latest #RBYZ episode is an interview about Barbara Kiao, the clinical counselor who practises what she preaches. “Feel the fear and do it anyways.”