The speech diet

Having lived in LA for three years, I don’t even feel {like} using phrases {like} {feel like}.

Or words {like} totally, literally, awesome, amazing, freaking out, Oh My God… Just to name a few.

I made an effort to favor words {like} wonderful, lovely, good…

I was in England for a while. So it wasn’t that difficult.

So what does a Valley girl sound like? Watch this video at 2:30.


My podcast guest this coming Tuesday has a bit of Valleyspeak. I thought about sending her a mixtape of {likes} she’s dropped I’ve cut out to show my {like} for her. That doesn’t sound too {lik}able, does it?

But {you know}, we don’t know what we sound like until we do a taping, until we really listen to ourselves talk.

I’m guilty of {you know} and {hmm}. And I {know} it.

Why do we speak the way we speak?

Why do the Jimmy Kimmels speak the way they speak?

For the rest of us, we are in a rush. We are insecure when we’re put under the spotlight. We assume if we talk slower, people might think we are inarticulate. So we fill the gaps with {like} {hmm} {you know}… as if those words would make us sound smarter.

Any cure?

I went on a speech diet replacing {you know} and {hmm} with…


All I can is this: it {totally} works!


Yours truly,

PS. Stay tuned! New episode coming out tomorrow at 00:00 PST.