All can be achieved in a matter of seconds regardless of the quality in our age.

The other sides don’t need quality.
They want speed.
Because speed equals to attention, which equals to busyness and respect.

But does it really?

I find myself frustrated lately. I keep refreshing my email inbox every 15 minutes right after I send something important to me, which I need an instant yes or no.

Just tell me if you would give me this, or not.

If not, why.

If not now, when.

I drive myself up the wall for what?

After several hours of silence, I decided to do some chores: more packing and cleaning just to get my mind off the things I so wanted instant answers from the people whom I don’t have a) power over; or b) control over.

I got a lot done. By now, I’m quite happy for today’s accomplishment.


Yours truly,