History has its eye on you

The final vote of the Kavanaugh supreme court nomination is what everyone talks about all day today.

I felt like an American from the liberal side, appalled, disgusted by the result.

The enraged women voices outside the senate pierced into the chamber when the vote was underway. Every aye makes the holy place sound like a slaughterhouse.

Tears trickled down from my face. I realized that I was crying.


I’m not even American. This country won’t even issue me a visa. I’m leaving for China in a week. What do I care?

Here is why 

My heart went out to the Americans whose hearts are in the right place, who are the Americans I know, who are the reasons I love about this country.

“You can’t see it anywhere else. I admire America even more, regardless of the setbacks.”

Yeah. But what about Kavanaugh?

We’ll see. History has its eyes on us.


Yours truly,