9 hours from now

I will be boarding the flight back home.

My parents and I finally decided that they would meet me at the airport, instead of waiting for me at home.

Mostly it was because I don’t have Chinese cash (RMB) on me. My phone’s setting wouldn’t allow me to DiDi (Chinese Uber + Lyft).


A million questions coursing through the mind of a soldier, coming back home from the war… finding the wife has left him, the house is gone, the parents are dead, the friends are now strangers…

A gazillion questions grill my attention:

  • How would China treat me?
  • How would Shanghai see me?
  • How would my friends back home respond?
  • Would I be happy?
  • Would I find things I love to do here?
  • Would I be financially independent?
  • How would I find projects?

And yet, only one way to find out.

Live it.


Yours truly,

PS. I’m wearing a thick parka as I type this blog. Yes, it’s what I would wear tomorrow. a) Shanghai is getting cold. So is LA. b) I think I’ve probaly gone overweight with my suitcases… c) I love everything this parka.