Shanghai has changed a lot in three years.

I couldn’t find where to swipe the oyster card.

I had to study the stops before I get into the metro.

I almost always have a friend to guide me when cruising the city.

The city seems even more sleepless than three years ago.

And yet, there are things that I truly care about that haven’t changed one bit.

  • People still don’t respect others’ space.
  • People cut off lines all the time.
  • People smoke outside all the time.
  • People are loud when they talk in public.
  • The list goes on…

Some say things like the above take several generations. It may change and it may not.

I miss LA’s spaciousness and politeness.

To begin with, I miss LA’s coffee.

The coffee here is ridiculously expensive. My friend and I had two small coffees (Americano, Latte) for RMB 66. That is almost 10 dollars.

All I know is, Shanghai is an exciting cup of tea that is nutritious, fresh and presentable.

And yet, it’s not my cuppa tea…

Because of the things that are hard to change exactly.

Or I’ve come to love coffee.


Yours truly,