Lottery of birth

It usually means you were born into the Kadashians, the Gates, the Ellisons, the Bransons.

I realized that I won that lottery of birth too.

My parents let me pursue creative writing when neither of them is in this trade while both understand what a long shot this is.

“I just want you to keep a healty state of mind while you are at it. Don’t compare yourself to others, like why someone else got the visa but you didn’t; or someone else is making more money.  Just do your thing if that brings you joy.”

My dad revealed to me this morning while we were sipping coffee. I nodded.

Later in the day, he asked: “When are you going to sort out your tourist visa?”

“Maybe soon. I don’t know yet.”

“Get it done so you can fly back to LA whenever you want to. Shanghai winter is too brutal. Spend the winter there and write.”

“What about the Chinese New Year gatherings?”

“I already told your grandpa that you would be travelling.”


“Don’t worry about it. Go.” My mum chimed in.

You can’t choose your parents, but if you have parents who are willing to let go and trust your choice even though it sounds crazy? Isn’t it the definition of jackpot?

I confess that I still want to make a lot of money. Because I want to show them the world as I see it.


Yours truly,

PS. I knocked out the second draft of the short film and the assignment for a company. I feel pretty good. Tomorrow, I will start the feature rewrite after I ship this weeks’ podcast.