This kid

Is a young actor. Actually, he just turned 18.  I’ve been helping him with his college application. As I read his statement purpose essay, I met my bias head-on.

He has, quote unquote “the whole package” to become the next Kris Wu (or Kris Who according to his latest campaign scandal). And yet, he decides that he wants to be a real actor, rather than someone who just has the looks.

In China, celebrities like this will get ten of millions “Brain-dead” fans in a blink of an eye. They will watch whatever their idols do, even vomitting or farting. They will go so far to buy the vomit and fart even to support their God/Goddess.

This kid knows the phenomenon, has the opportunity to be the phenomenon. And yet, he decides to walk away, to be a regular college student.

You may wonder if he sounds so brilliant, why would he ask people to help with his college application? Well, right now the kid is prepping a movie shoot that his day runs as long as 15, 16 hours.

“I wonder if I can write about my love experience to answer the creativity question for this college.”

What a brilliant thought. I can’t help but envy his openness. At that age, I had but one-way crushes and rejections…


Yours truly,