“You students wear Gucci bags?” I asked my friend after the lecture.

“That’s nothing. A lot of them are Hermès girls.” She replied matter-of-factly.


Apart from the seminar itself, the purse-girls are my biggest takeaway at SIVA (Shanghai Institute of Visual Art) today.

“Where did they get that kind of money???” I couldn’t help but ask my followup question.

“Their businessmen or government parents. You do know that SIVA’s tuition is the most expensive one amongst all arts schools, right?”

I didn’t. It turned out that it was almost eight times my undergrad tuition.

“And yet, the students would cut their shooting budget when they can obviously afford a ten-thousand-plus RMB purse.”

I shook my head in disbelief. For one, I’m scared of our marketers targeting at these impressionable young adults to “buy to impress, buy to show off.” For two, how can you make a steller filmmaker out of these students when all they want is to be associated with some brands.

Anyone can own a Gucci bag by walking into their stores or just order online.  What do you do with all those designer bags after you die? What would be on your tomestone other than Designer Bag Slave #0909081?

We all know becoming a brand is damn hard. But isn’t it the most fun?


Yours truly,