The dip

As Seth Godin famously put it. Or the resistence.

I confess I’m feeling it the most as I got sick last time and I get sick again this time. I don’t want to finish my next podcast. I don’t want to write another blog. Everything seems a nuance. Obviously, I’m not cut out as a podcaster, a blogger… Or just anything on the face of the earth.

Case in point, so my next podcast which I vow to ship on Tuesday is not ready yet. When I could edit my podcast, I was catching up on SNL, all the years I didn’t know about it when I was and now am, back in China.

I will pull myself up and finish the rest of the edit and ship it when it’s still Tuesday in LA.

Oh, I know exactly why I was down. Someone shared with me a post via WeChat about this account getting millions of fans and likes. I couldn’t help but think: snap, why can’t it be me?

My friend was only trying to help. And yet, I read it the wrong way. (Because she sent it at the WRONG time!!)

I will get some zzz; when I get up, I will get the next episode shipped. The guest deserves every ounce of my kudos.


Yours truly,