If you ask me to use movie titles to describle my folks, my dad would be Fast and Furious. My mum would be Hot Fuzz.

When Mr. Fast and Furious meets Mz. Hot Fuzz… I tell ya, it’s The End of the Fxxking World minus the cuddling bits.

When dad was away today, I tried to talk to mum about her unfair opinion of dad. Before I could launch myself, my mum cut me off.

“I knew you love your dad more than me.  Oh well, all those years of love for nothing. I’ll be gone before you know it.”

“But ma, let’s not get ahead of ourselves too soon.”

“How could I not?” She is sizzling.

“Maybe try to focus on yourself when we are discussing your end of the bargain?”

“You dad–”

“You sounds exactly like Trump. Every time people try to point out something at him, he would start and finish with either Clinton or Obama, instead of trying to fix or focus on the big picture.”

“But your dad has problems.” She won’t listen or give up.

“Look, I will talk to him. But arguing with him about his faults will never get you what you want. Agreed?”

She nods.

“Do we want peace or not?”

“Okay, now finish your porridge.”

By the end of our breakfast, mum started to smile. She seemed happy. I guess Hot Fuzz just feels that she needs to be heard or she’ll get real fuzzy.

Now all I need to do, is to catch dad before he gets too fast too furious to get his sequal cooked.


Yours truly,