Two months later

My folks are on a trip for three days.

It’s just me and my cat Michael in the apartment.

Where I had spent three years all myself in the US, now three days seems too long. I need to heat up the food three times a day for three days. I need to feed and clean the cat. I need to get things in place for the room-bot. I need to do my own laundry. I need to remind myself to drink water…

All these things that I had been doing for myself, I handed the responsibility over to my folks when I came home exactly two months ago. Suddenly picking those things up seems a real stretch.

It sounds bizarre but we get used to things real quick. I only hope that with this pace that I’m going, I won’t settle in too much before I uproot myself again back to LA, where my heart belongs.

Two months later… things are better. But spare my heart, it still aches for the California sun.


Yours truly,