Learning through action

Next week, I will be teaching two screenwriting courses at an art college. That’s three hours per class. Two classes per week. For a total of 18 weeks.

I will spare my thoughts on how little the school purt it thoughts into the length of these classes. Truth is, very few classes (except writing workshops) I attended at UCLA was longer than three hours…

So what would I teach these freshmen who know little about screenwriting? How would I teach them?

While I’m preparing my notes, I realize how little I thought about what I have learned from my own film school experience probably until now.

Just like I learnt screenwriting by doing. I’m going to learn teaching through 18 weeks of intense teaching.

Like any movie’s inciting incident where the character is met with the opportunity and is left to decide, I accepted the challenge and there’s no backing down now since my name is on the list. We shall see.


Yours truly,