If you ain’t fast, you die.

These days I’m working on a new story. The main character is a first-generation wannabe immigrant. It fascinates me how these people get their footing in a new country – whatever it takes. They’re the antelopes with leopards up their asses.

“If you ain’t fast, you die.” This type of people are locked in the survival mode. They almost always work their whole life and never take a day off and say they enjoy leisure.

I remember hearing this origin story from a Hollywood producer who used to crash at friends’ places when he was a broke upstart. When his offspring works in the same business and in the same office, I can’t smell the kind of drive that made the old man who he is. 

How can you instill that survivor mindset that can only be bred by Mother Nature? Of course, the second generation will still be well-off. But if you want to break out from the shadow of the old man, you either have to be twice as good and hardworking, or you have to find your own drive. 

So here’s the good news for most of us: we can be the first generation of anything.


Yours truly,