Attack. Attack. Attack.

I didn’t watch it, because I was still fine-tuning the presentations for my two classes tomorrow.

I did read the results as well as a couple of videos. It bummed me out when I learned that BlacKkKlansman didn’t win anything else other than the Best Adaptation Screenplay.

A Chinese friend texted me and said, “Oh, this year’s Academy Award is not so White – after all.” But excuse me, where is Crazy Rich Asians??? Not a single nomination?

It pains me to see great works like BlacKkKlansman got shunned. Moreover, it infuriates me that Asian filmmakers got shoved off the table. It feels like the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act all over again.

Yes, there are more and more colored artists win the Academy Awards. But the wins feels like a calculated move rather than a geneuine colorblind embrace to the creative minds.

When asked how he approaches life as a renowned and established filmmaker even though he never has been had much luck during the Oscar season, Spike Lee replied, “Attack. Attack. Attack. Every. Single. Day.”

Kudos to Spike, I’ve included Do the Right Thing to my students’ Movie List.


Yours truly,