RBYZ: Braveheart (#013)

Depression and procrastination are your twin babies if you’re a creator of any kind. This comedy writer, who was featured on the show last week, shares her struggles and strategies.  Tune in and find out how she did it. Kudos to her Braveheart! What you’ll hear:
  • Cinematic immunity is real. So is jackass.
  • Why was production jobs addictive?
  • What made her put her foot down to really pursue screenwriting?
  • How does she deal with the rough winter alone in LA when her father had a stroke and her boyfriend left her?
  • How did she overcome impostor syndrome?
  • The consequence of letting a revered professor co-op the script she was writing?
  • Why did she prefer writing comedy over drama?
  • Why did choose to write at Starbucks knowing the cliche LA writer?
  • What did she learn about herself and the business of counseling through the years of therapy and changing therapists?
  • What benefits does she see going to film school even though she had tons of on-set experience?
I would keep taking jobs. because I don’t want to face my own thoughts. The job had the best hours but I had the longest days. I have a blind faith in life. “What are you gonna do next?” People ask me. Well, I don’t know. It’s gonna happen though. Things would come around.  New writers are like a new virus that Hollywood wants to get rid of. If you are lucky, you get to take hold. Then you can’t get rid of Hollywood. I hope to be that virus.
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My friend came over later yesterday evening with more packing boxes.

“How are you feeling?”

“Stressed out.”

“You do know that much of that stress is self-induced, right?”

“I’m listening.”

“Instead of packing, you’re podcasting.” He gestured my recording equipment on the coffee table.

“I need to record the intro and fix some little details before it hits iTunes by midnight.”

My friend took a stroll of my studio apartment.

“You have a lot of stuff. I would suggest to you that you start packing first thing in the morning tomorrow. Or you may have a harder time to explain to your landlord why you can’t move out by Saturday.”

And yet, I’m writing this post.

And yet, I’m heading to the gym in roughly 10 mins…

But I’ll get started when I’m back.


Yours truly,

PS. The latest #RBYZ episode is an interview about me, stutterer-turned-storyteller. I talk about writing, podcasting, my own Rock Bottoms, and my latest situation. Show notes later.