Dear public school teachers

Are all probably starving to death if they play by the book, and stick with the system.

So, I’m still preparing the notes for the Tuesday classes.  Again, I underestimated how much time it’s taking me… Before I agreed to teach, I already knew the pay was going to be petty and pityful. It’s basically is a joke. And the joke turns into a tragedy after the 20% tax. And I thought California’s tax was high. Boy was I wrong.

Anyway, since I’m not doing it for the money, here are my main goals:

  • To hone my skill as a presenter;
  • To refresh and enhance my screenwriting know-how;
  • To talk to more strangers and see what happens;
  • To get a repitorior of materials to reuse elsewhere;
  • To study the younger generation up close;
  • To collect new story materials.

I confess that the joy I get from this teaching gig isn’t terribly high. I have to guard my own writing time ruthlessly so I don’t lose focus.

A a writer, perspective is crucial in creating compelling characters. Right now I’m growing a new perspective as a teacher, and how she actually and really feels about her job, especially as an adjunct professor… A lot of times it’s not that the teacher doesn’t want to teach. She wants to give you all she’s got, she does, but she can’t splurge her time when she has to take on the second, or even the third job to pay bills.

First things first. A man’s gotta eat, you know.


Yours truly,

PS. 20%?!  Socialism my ass.

The Customs – Part 3

I can’t believe there is a third part to this saga!

I used USPS to deliver 15 boxes back to Shanghai. Now 13 of them got confirmed by the customs. Two are still MIA. One is duvet and pillow stuff. Another is clothes and dresses including a Vera Wang puffer overcoat…

I used DHL to send yet another box of paintings back to Shanghai a couple of days ago – as if I hadn’t had enough of the trade war crap.

My dad just got a call from the customes saying that they need invoice and will charge 30% of the receipt value.

I think I would have been really pissed off just a few months ago.

Okay, Trump is having fun trade-waring with China right now. And the customs lady told my dad that it’s nothing personal.

In short, it’s nothing but in response to Trump’s “very, very large a-brain.

My dad’s response is short and sweet, “Seems that only the not-rich folks got taxed.”

In the background, my mum’s voice screached in, “Return that package back to the US. It ain’t my duty to pay somebody else’s duty.”

“Ignore her.” My dad mouthed a response.

Since after mid-August, my threshold for pain and misery has gone up quite a bit. As long as I have my physical and mental health, I think I can live with two missing boxes, a few more bucks on the Trumpism taxation, Trump being the president and Kavanaugh being the Supreme Court judge.

This is not ideal, but it’s not fatal. And it’s certainly not final.

I’ll live.

And the world will live to see Trumps and the Kavanaughs crash and burn.

Oh what, Lindsey, you’ve got somethin’ to say?


Yours truly,